by martincwday

I’m just about to launch a series of novels via Patreon. Here’s the blurb:

Few people have heard of Charnage House. Fewer still know its location. There is no mention of it in any public record, and even internet rumour is closed down with a sinister thoroughness. On the surface, it’s just another rehabilitation centre, offering treatment, care and sanctuary to troubled rock stars, disgraced actors, and anyone in the eye of a media storm. However, its clients also include the CIA, Interpol and GCHQ.

Charnage is the only privately-run safe house in England. And it may be haunted.

Many that emerge from Charnage House remember a Tudor building with sprawling Victorian extensions and rooms that seem barely to have been touched in decades; others recall sophisticated modern therapy rooms and a gym. Those that work there know for a fact that Charnage House is many miles from the nearest town, and set in a hundred acres of dark woods and rolling fields. From the control room the entire estate can be monitored via a network of hidden security cameras. Of course, individual cameras have been known to malfunction from time to time – but that’s nothing to get worried about, is it?

More troubling are the strange noises and glimpsed rooms of the house at night. It’s as if Charnage reconfigures itself when no one’s looking. No one’s actually seen a ghost, but in the darkness, with the wind hammering at the doors, that moment can’t be far off…

Security at Charnage is currently overseen by Jacqueline ‘Jac’ Darnell. Jac is never sure who will need protection next, and she’s not always told what the guests entrusted to her care have done, or from whom they’re hiding. Who can she trust? The person needing sanctuary – or the person leaving them there? After all, those who come to Charnage House are often traumatised and haunted. The peace and quiet of the place brings all sorts of buried secrets to the surface. It also means that, when they leave, they may be very different people altogether. That is, if Jac can keep them alive that long…

In each novel in the series, someone new comes to Charnage, seeking sanctuary. In turn, Jac and her team make some fresh discovery about the house, its complex history – and the sinister men who now run it.